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In Japan just after the Fukushima accident, we were engaged in constant dialogue about alternative sources of energy. But four years later, the frequency of such conversations has decreased dramatically.

The rate of energy self-sufficiency in Japan is just 6%. We depend on imported oil, natural gas, coal, and other fossil fuels. Both our purchase rate of fossil fuels and our carbon emissions are constantly growing. Concerns about the increased dependence on overseas energy just encourages the Japanese government to continue running the nuclear power plants, even though more than 70% of Japanese are against it.

In this atmosphere, people sometimes lapse into cynical or lazy thinking, which makes it difficult to tackle the topic meaningfully.
“There’s no way... How can we shut down the plants? It’s not my problem any more”
“I can’t talk about nuclear energy because I don’t have enough information on how it works.”
How can we have real conversations about energy again?

I’m proposing a design solution called “YUBIKIRI.”
YUBIKIRI (which means pinky promise in Japanese) is a photo contribution site aiming to generate conversation about shifting toward sustainable energy. YUBIKIRI presents information about seventeen simple actions including exchanging an incandescent bulb with a LED one to contribute to shifting toward sustainable energy. The contributors pick the action that they want to commit to, and upload a picture of their finger art through Instagram or Twitter with #yubikirime or by e-mail.

Please join YUBIKIRI now!

A Photo Contribution Site "YUBIKIRI"



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