The Last Meals

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It is a custom to offer a last meal to prisoners on death row before execution. The Last Meals is a physical data visualization which represents items that have been requested, but does not, in all cases, represent what the prisoner actually received.

Projecting 20 condemned criminals meals on the dish screen.

Every meals was cooked to take pictures.
From the upper left: Adolf Otto Eichmann, Nazi war crimes/ Saddam Hussein, Iraq war crimes/ Charles Rumbaugh, Shot and murdered a person/ Ted Bundy, Assaulted and murdered at least 30 young women and girls/ Philip Workman, Murdered a police officer. (He gave homeress vegetarian pizza)/ William George Bonin, Beat, raped, and strangled boys/ Timothy McVeigh, Conspiracy, mudered 168 people and use of a weapon of mass destruction for the Oklahoma City Bombing/ John Wayne Gacy, Assault, raped and murdered 33 young men and boys/ Ricky Lee Sanderson, Raped and murdered a girl/ Karla Faye Tucker, Murdered two people with a pickaxe/ Victor Harry Feguer, Murdered a doctor to get any drugs/ Judy Buenoano (A.K.A. The Black Widow), Murdered her son and her husband/ James Edward Smith, Shot and murdered a person and Robbed/ Ruth Snyder, Murdered her husband/ John Allen Muhammad, Murdered 10 people/ Gary Mark Gilmore, Robbed and murdered two people/ Margie Velma Barfield, Murdered four people/ Robert Alton Harris, Shot and murdered two teenagers and robbed/ Barbara Graham, Bludgeoned an elderly woman to death and robbed/ Aileen Carol Wuornos, Assault, rape and murdered 7 men

Exhibition at SVA Gramercy Gallery

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