Tokyo Gas New Museum "Gastenani"

Infographics | Environmental Graphics

TOKYO GAS Co., Ltd. opened a new gas museum, which is called Gasetnani, to educate people about natural gas. Their main target is children so that our team proposed visual concept which was the world in a picture book. Children can go through the story is where gas comes from with hands-on experience. My role was creating visuals and infographics to make children understand easily and more fun.

Infographic "Where does gas come from?"
The audience from town area.

Town Area

Environmental graphics of town area

The audiences can get to know how gas is transmitted in their town.

Hand-on instructions

Gas Plant / Sea Area

Environmental graphics of sea area

This area provides knowledge of gas purification method and how to transpote gas from foreign countries.

Infographic: How natural gas is ready for use

Underground Area

Environmental graphics of underground area

The audiences can understand how to extract natural gas and how it can be found underground.

Infographic: Where are natural gas deposits found?

Infographic: Hometown of fossil fuels

Infographic: Extracting natural gas

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