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AIRPRINTS is an experiential game in which players assume the role of citizen-scientists on a mission to create messages about the air. Air pollution is a mostly invisible issue that impacts the health of NYC. Our team designed AIRPRINTS because if we’re to succeed in fighting air pollution, we’re going to need make some sense of it first— in a way that everyone can understand.

AIRPRINTS tool kits

How to play AIRPRINTS

STEP 1: Spot a truck

Whenever you spot a truck, take anAirprint. Swipe your finger across any nearby vertical surface to collect some dust. Remove a sticker from a kit and make an imprint on it. Stick it on dot on your playing card.

STEP 3: Build your message
Notice that each sticker comes with a word. As you take Airprints, create a message with your team about the air. Be creative.

STEP 4: Create the big picture

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